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Dj B Ryan

Dj Name: DJ B Ryan

Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Real Name: Brian Bartolazo

Birth Date: June 21, 1985

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dj-b-ryan

Fb Profile: www.facebook.com/brian.bartolazo

Fb Page: www.facebook.com/dj.b.ryanLGA 

Website: www.dustyanddigital.blogspot.com

Before bboying, I was only a fan of Hip-Hop music, but when I started in late 2002 I quickly became a big fan of all the other types of music played in the videos and jams. I used to be a frequent at the Freestyle Session Song Help board (ha) and would always try to find songs that people were looking for after they were played in some video or clip -- but that was merely to find new songs to practice to.

Around mid-2007 I started learning from the homie DJ Basic (who has been DJing some of Florida's finest bboy jams for years) about records and DJing in general. Learning a lot about the foundations and meaning of the art, I quickly began digging, collecting records, and practicing under the wing of DJ Basic. He later put me down in the record digging/DJ crew the Little Green Apples and would let me spin at some of his gigs so I could get experience. I spun for one of the first times in public around early 2008 and have since DJed many jams in Florida and have begun venturing out into other states and scenes such as Georgia, Texas, and California.

As a strong believer in carrying on tradition, record digging and collecting is pretty much a weekly mission and I strive to play good music for all the bboys/bgirls and inspire all dancers to get down.