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Dj Alphatrion

Dj Name: Dj Alphatrion

Real Name: Brent Hopkins

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA






If you’re ever lucky enough to see a finicky crowd transform into a mob of people doing synchronized new jack swing dances, there’s a good chance DJ AlphaTrion’s playing. He’s the guy whose job it is to provide musical motivation for people to spin on their heads. His music may or may not have caused chairs to be thrown in New Orleans -- in a good way.

Based out of Atlanta, AlphaTrion is a staple in the Southeast hip-hop dance scene. He is the go-to DJ for funk and breaks, specializing in applying the roots of hip-hop DJing to the narrative blends of electronic DJing. This means the music stays the centerpiece. He’s like a Bill Nye of beats, moving and educating the crowd across eras and genres, from the newest hits to dance classics to regional club styles like Baltimore club, New Orleans bounce and Chicago juke.

Born Brent Hopkins in the sweltering fringes of Atlanta, AlphaTrion’s tiny 8-year-old brain exploded upon seeing a DJ scratching in the video for “Baby Got Back.” The beginnings were unremarkable: he ruined his mom’s turntable while trying to scratch over his sister’s Bangles single. But in 1999, he saw DJ QBert’s Wave Twisters and bought his own turntables to ruin. And then he joined a drum and bass crew, playing house parties. And then he paid dues. As a longtime b-boy, he saw what worked and didn’t work on the dance floor. He frequently played sets clocking in at over 6 hours for some of the world’s most critical audiences: competitive dancers. Influenced by James Brown, DJ Z-Trip and Liam Howlett, he created his own style and sound. Countless mixtapes, battles and events later, he’s gained the ability to grow a solid beard -- and the experience to make bodies move.

AlphaTrion’s mix of vinyl, digital, classics and forward-facing funk has resulted in his playing across the Southeast and Midwest. He’s a mainstay in Atlanta, Nashville and New Orleans. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Diamond D, DJ Scratch and Faust and Shortee. He's had his mixes featured on WRAS 88.5's funk and Drum & Bass shows. He’s been featured by Strife.tv, the world’s premiere street dance video channel. He’s played stages including Evolution, Atlanta’s largest ever b-boy competition; A3C Deuces Wild 45’s Edition, as part of the preeminent hip-hop festival; and Bashville Stampede, where he’s curated music for the all-styles dance competition for the past six years. AlphaTrion continues to blaze the trail for open-styles dance DJs. When he’s not producing disco or breaks re-edits, house or boom-bap inspired hip-hop, he’s still making dance floors get wild. Watch out for flying chairs.