Hello! Thanks again for BBOYBREAKS.com! This music is changing my life! Word up, appreciate the service you're providing to the community and to music lovers like myself, yo lovin the page and library! Def gems you have compiled here for intense study. In the near future, I'll hopefully be sending you guys my mixes and edits! Thanks again brotha! 

You Sound Great Mate
Just a quick line to thank you so much for sharing so much fantastic music - its really appreciated and it has opened my ears to so many new tracks and beats. Because I mainly listen to mixes I'm never really sure what I am listening to my ears to so many new tracks and beats but with people like you around I know that I am in safe hands and always in for a nice surprise. I cannot begin to imagine how you dig out all of these amazing tunes but I am very grateful that you do. Many, many thanks,

SQUASHdoesPK https://soundcloud.com/squashdoespk
You are by far my favorite channel! so much content! the short samples keep me on my toes, and theres so many to choose from! im not even solely a Bboy either, i listen to youre playlist when im dancing, free running, and even gymnastics! i will let you know if i ever use a song from your channel in a video!

Dj Trax
I hope you are well. Loving the re-edits you posted. I was a good friend of Leacy and am a very good friend of Nucleus. I have been collecting reocrds for 25 years and releasing hip hop and drum and bass for 22.

Dj Stefunk
Thank you so much for all the amazing music.

Yo wahts up bro - u have alots of nice dope beats bro big up man

DJ Chief https://soundcloud.com/djchief
Excellent tunes! Some serious digging in the crates!

DJ Static WEFUNK Radio
Loving those killer breaks from around the world! I do a radio show that cater to hiphop/funk/breaks headz and bboyz. Keep up the good work bro.

I enjoy the other stuff on your page. Peace, Fleg

Dj Just-A-Kid  https://soundcloud.com/djjustakid

Dj Break 2T
Hi DJ Shanti One, i've just listened to your sounds, they're all dope, thanks for sharing thank man for the information, keep uploading dope shit. Respect

Dj ART89
thank you my friend! sharing music is dope thing! god bless!!

Deejay Tajmahal
peace .. i see that you ye got plenty of dope edits good work:) 

Dj Smirnoff
Dofiga xorowego stafa u tebja! Chastenko proshlushivaju tebya! Kruto!

What's up! Just wanted to thank you for uploading all of the dope breaks and making them available for download.

Yo Shanti whats up? I been downloading some of your breaks and they are dope, some i have but also some great new ones. I wonder why you put everything for download as most people are usually very secretive about this. Anyway let me know how i can give back. Anyway let me know how i can give back.

Dj Patience
Peace and love brother

Dj junk
Well done

DJ Tanner
Love how you just MERC all these bboy breaks from 60's to 80's - sick work man !!!! All the best Hey I was just about to say - Nice idea and Nice website Looks great - nice way of networking with bboys around the globe - All the best with this endeavour man ! peace! I'll be spending lots of time looking at this website - THANKS MAN !!!! Thanks for sharing .......

Dj Brett Rock
Just wanted to say thanks for all that you have contributed on your page. I play many of your edits. Hope you don't mind, but at risk of sounding like a biter, I have to admit that I plan on using a few on some upcoming Dj mixes.

DjSurmah MLgz/Unb
ey man! how are you? thank you for sharing your music ;)again, you're awesome! jejej so many different tracks each week LOL i have new song every week;)

Dj Thebeatist
Great tunes!!!! I can't stop listening to The Music! I'm driving everyone mad with that at the moment. Absolutely fantastic work!!! I've just uploaded a little mix I put together called, Respect To Shanti. I've also added a link to you in the description It's a little way of saying thanks for all of your uploads. Loving your stuff dude!!!

Eric Helsley https://soundcloud.com/eric-helsley
man your page is crazy..how do you even find all this??? Amazing..thanks for sharing

Hear In Colors https://soundcloud.com/hear-in-colors
ah! fresh, love coming bqack through here every once inawhile 

FantasyTalk  https://soundcloud.com/fantasytalk
Makes me wanna do a few windmills or something right now. Kudos and warm wishes from Alabama. Okay, *lays down some mats and does a few windmill* Hahaha <3

Z_LT  https://soundcloud.com/z_lt
Спасибо ну вообще много чего из твоих заливок зацепил, так что оптовое Спасибо тебе )

DJ ALIAS (AZ, USA) https://soundcloud.com/djaliasaz
Good stuff!

DJ Orko https://soundcloud.com/mrorko
Digging these edits, nice work

Dj lottojames https://soundcloud.com/lottojames

DJ Neb (Nebula)   https://soundcloud.com/connectbeats808
whewwww! Yo guys keep killin it!!!! 

Digga Crazy
dope site yo thx

Darryl Kniffen https://soundcloud.com/darrylkniffen
love your choice of sounds

Break Dj Eazy  https://soundcloud.com/eazyyzae
so fresh

Dj Weather https://soundcloud.com/dj-weather
I feel guilty with all the digging you do for me! Keep it up man, great ear for killer breaks!

Hear In Colors https://soundcloud.com/hear-in-colors
you are doing excellent and necessary work my friend

D0CT0RS0UL https://soundcloud.com/doctor-soul1
So Funky !!! + there's quality on this channel !

Dj Stefunk https://soundcloud.com/stefunk72
You are being played in all my sets along some other Soundcloud producer/remixers. Don't know what I would do without you.

THE HOME OF DOPE BEATS https://soundcloud.com/thehomeofdopebeats
Nice .... 

discoskull https://soundcloud.com/discoskull
SWEET sounds! THanks a ton for all the great music you share!!! GREAT stuff - super dig!! One of the Best people to follow for sure!

hummingbirdT https://soundcloud.com/hummingbirdt
beautiful work man

ShonRoka https://soundcloud.com/shonroka
A lot of great breaks. Appreciate it to the fullest from Chicago!

Detroitraver https://soundcloud.com/detroitraver
You had me at hello. Serious vibes from them basslicks! Cheers for the free one \o/

ijustdance https://soundcloud.com/ijustdance-1
breaks for dayssss

Free&Legal https://soundcloud.com/freeandlegal
so killer tracks! 

joerxworx https://soundcloud.com/joerxworx
Exquisite choice of music! Great!

Dee Jay Park  https://soundcloud.com/deejaypark
That's great stuff. Your work inspired me doing something similar with Italian Prog Rock!

timtrivia   https://soundcloud.com/timtrivia

True Ninja Green https://soundcloud.com/trueninjagreen
your puttin all the old school breaks out there on the map nice keep up the good work

boozaVero  https://soundcloud.com/boozabeatz
like yor staff,man) my body gonna move)

progrockfan https://soundcloud.com/progrockfan
Нельзя просто так выкладывать такое охренительное музло ))))))))) Охренительно!!! Шедевр на шедевре и шедевром погоняет!!! ♥ Очешуенный позитив!!! ♥

MonkeyPocket   https://soundcloud.com/monkeypocket
great groove right here... diggin' your diggin'... you got some dope sounds ! thanks man... drop it in my group if you want... ...sound like this are always welcome... : )

Michael Dwayne Garrett Jr  https://soundcloud.com/michael-dwayne-garrett-jr
Damn...those drums though This is why I bboy smh

djtrax https://soundcloud.com/djtrax
man you have some ridiculous breaks!

DJ ART89 https://soundcloud.com/arthur-hmlz

Dj Vor
Hello, first congratulate you for your website, very good music gathered greetings from Spain

Dj Whoameye
Hi my name is Jon Aka Dj Taz. You have great music I'm based out of Brooklyn NYC and I throw abboy party where I'd love to play some of these dope breaks!!

Dj Wistful Origin
How are you? bro you make an amazing job i love it i hope that you continue this great work man ! I have a old song of you, in the time you made different mixtape and this song is present

amacord https://soundcloud.com/amacord-1
tight! very fine rework, thank you :)

thebeatist  https://soundcloud.com/thebeatist- 
Okay, I'm now at a psychodelic party with 2 chicks either side of me and I've got a 6ft spliff hanging from my hand. This exact tune is pounding through the speaker that's positioned right by my ears. That's livin'!!!

Zonda Zoa https://soundcloud.com/zonda-zoa
very nice, very interesting choices..go on bro!

B-Lyrics https://soundcloud.com/b-lyrics
thank you very much for tune

gabriele santucci  https://soundcloud.com/gabriele-santucci-2
complimenti Shanti! bei pezzi poi questo suono freakbeat francese mi fa impazzire!

Person Ve https://soundcloud.com/person-ve
классная музыка! так и хочется вылететь на пол.. и понеслась!))

okcdellt https://soundcloud.com/dellthayer23
Dope supporting your dopeness

mathfunk https://soundcloud.com/mathfunk
Amazing, great and greatness
dj shanti you always bring awesome beats

Solaar https://soundcloud.com/solaar-1
Great b-boy stuff :)
Where do you find all these amazing tracks, man??

Free&Legal https://soundcloud.com/freeandlegal
really nice! shared here: www.facebook.com/ptitbazargratuitetlegal

Herby Hammock https://soundcloud.com/herby-hammock
killer, thx for dl

winw https://soundcloud.com/winw

Dj Eskuche https://soundcloud.com/allsystemsgosound

Kriminal Bate Valencia https://soundcloud.com/kriminal-bate-valencia

MRGroB https://soundcloud.com/grobby
tiddy rework big ups for the dl bud

DJ CHiEF https://soundcloud.com/djchief
serious funk man

mathfunk https://soundcloud.com/mathfunk
excelente I cannot believe how excellent this is

Ozren https://soundcloud.com/ozren
great ... you are doing a wonderful job... thank you radionula.com

Kiet Tuan Duong Zin https://soundcloud.com/kiet-tuan-duong-zin
Fresh beats!

mathfunk https://soundcloud.com/mathfunk
DJ Shanti, best intersection of rarest and best
so many qualities

GoyO! https://soundcloud.com/goyovo
ajjajaj!! :))

Digga' Crazyhttps://soundcloud.com/crazybboy
woooo!!! i remember this one was in one of your old mixtapes called killab + killabboy! damn still dope!

dj tron 2 hot productionz https://soundcloud.com/user9978892
big tune, now this is what im talkin about

earthmite https://soundcloud.com/earthmite
Has a nice feel, throwdown your footwork :)

Lalr! nonamecrew https://soundcloud.com/lalri
Nice one

szmytas https://soundcloud.com/s-awomir-szmydt
Man you make really great job, dreams come true. PEACE

Boogie Beats Records https://soundcloud.com/boogie-beats-records
funktastic \o/

THE HOME OF DOPE BEATS https://soundcloud.com/thehomeofdopebeats

Akis Androutsopoulos https://soundcloud.com/akis-androutsopoulos
Super funky! Very cool edit!
This is really funky! Great sounds and mix and really sweet groove!

DJ ARK https://soundcloud.com/breakdjark
Damn i been looking this cover alot, the vinyl is expensive :(

Double Trunk Edits https://soundcloud.com/double-trunk-edits
rockin it \o/ \o/, oh yeah \o/

mathfunk https://soundcloud.com/mathfunk
super funky!! DJ Shanti you are the favorite DJ of their favorite DJ!!

Schinowatz Bobofkof https://soundcloud.com/schinowatz
yeah!!! dope!!!

Deivid Mada-fu'nka  https://soundcloud.com/deivid-mada-funka
so fuckin awesome sixties!!!

Ericck ToLedoo M'ls https://soundcloud.com/ericck-toledoo-mls

DJ JO https://soundcloud.com/dj-jo-jo-1
your edit is very good ^^

EmilKOne  https://soundcloud.com/emil-k-pski
very cool tracks :) thx for DL

MonkeyPocket  https://soundcloud.com/monkeypocket
man, where'd you find this break ?... heavy, heavy hitter !

Beats Maker (Ja.Rule) https://soundcloud.com/dj-ja-rule
ooh nice bro , keep doing i like what u doing :)

myko  https://soundcloud.com/myko-3
Good Job !!

DJ Miller https://soundcloud.com/bboymilk
was dope.

Don Vaughn  https://soundcloud.com/donvaughndj
Real good.

Tala-nz https://soundcloud.com/tala-nz
the funk

Eversonbboy Gangstyle  https://soundcloud.com/eversonbboy-gangstyle
Funk funk baby

progrockfan https://soundcloud.com/progrockfan
Роскошно!!! ♥

The Man In The Van https://soundcloud.com/jem-11
Nice work..great track..!!
Loving ur work..!! great tunes!!! Respect :)

Kustelinha https://soundcloud.com/kustelinha
muito boa esta musica!!

MVHT Wipeout  https://soundcloud.com/mvht-wipeout
nice muzik!!!!!

mathfunk  https://soundcloud.com/mathfunk
grateful for the opportunity to hear this

Omega B 07  https://soundcloud.com/omega-b-07

dokaFirla! https://soundcloud.com/njtarter
Absolutely knocks my funky socks off! The sound of my summer. great edit man :D
Great tune, thanks for passing it on!

mathfunk  https://soundcloud.com/mathfunk
Dj Shanti you are the master of time and space

progrockfan  https://soundcloud.com/progrockfan
Слов нет, одни эмоции!!! ♥♥♥

scratchmonster1 https://soundcloud.com/steven-sanchez-7
hell yea

ILuisCaraballoI https://soundcloud.com/user3276391
keep the good work bro! saludos!

plastic teens https://soundcloud.com/plasticteens
good stuff homeboy

treblemarker https://soundcloud.com/treblemarker
Oh yeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Eric Helsley 
Jeez! You gotta be the best breaks collector on soundcloud. 

mathfunk https://soundcloud.com/mathfunk
this is expanding my consciousness

S.E. Squared https://soundcloud.com/se_squared
You rock!!

Sahid Onnun https://soundcloud.com/said-onun
great work

progrockfan  https://soundcloud.com/progrockfan
Это блин шикарно!!! ♥

Kulbeat https://soundcloud.com/kulbeat
Жаркие биты)) 

Ph@ Funk https://soundcloud.com/phat_funk
Some great tunes you got here!

roland505 https://soundcloud.com/roland-kiss-7
feeling the beats!

Aaron Nauer https://soundcloud.com/aaron-nauer
love it 
Ericck ToLedoo M'ls https://soundcloud.com/ericck-toledoo-mls
nicee buen trabajo !!

narwhalter  https://soundcloud.com/narwhalter
those drums hit hard

SQUASHdoesPK https://soundcloud.com/squashdoespk
Yes! I love these tracks lately that sound straight outa adam west's batman movies. I go so hard to super hero tracks

The Man In The Van https://soundcloud.com/jem-11
Great Edits..!! reposted in www.facebook.com/groups/233907926802227/

bboy changboi  https://soundcloud.com/bboy-changboi
Dope beat :) funky
Goos for session bboy

rockoFSC https://soundcloud.com/rockoftp
very dope beats!

afallingcoconut https://soundcloud.com/afallingcoconut

Michael Dwayne Garrett Jr  https://soundcloud.com/michael-dwayne-garrett-jr
Flippin' sick 

D0CT0RS0UL https://soundcloud.com/doctor-soul1
My goodness ! 

Joacim Lande https://soundcloud.com/joacim-lande
nice work  

Que Nathaniels https://soundcloud.com/que-nathaniels
Thiz that SHIIIIIITTT!!!!

Sahid Onnun  https://soundcloud.com/said-onun
great digger. Respect

StreetBoyDj https://soundcloud.com/streetboydj-1
nice work!!! thanks!!

BRENDA V SANCHEZ https://soundcloud.com/brenda-sanchez

U & 1989 https://soundcloud.com/u1989
great edit! thank you!

TURNTILL https://soundcloud.com/turntill

Alin Frk https://soundcloud.com/alinfrk
Nice find!

CHICHIICITIVIII  https://soundcloud.com/chichilcitlalli
indeed killer breakz

Edson Nascimento 12 https://soundcloud.com/edson-nascimento-15

Arnaldo Evolution https://soundcloud.com/bboydoolixo
muito linda a musica men !!! parabens , baixando e treinando com ela em 3.....2......1....

RamSkank Records https://soundcloud.com/ramskankrecords

MRGroB https://soundcloud.com/grobby
such a beautyyy of a tune biig upss

dokaFirla!  https://soundcloud.com/njtarter
Where is this from? Fantastic little edit man, funk to the fore!

DON'T'STOP https://soundcloud.com/dontstoping

el Dusk https://soundcloud.com/el-dusk
like it :)

Torgie  https://soundcloud.com/torgie
love this

Jon Arias https://soundcloud.com/j-arias

bboybeat https://soundcloud.com/bboybeat
Вот этот трек действительно качает! По-больше таких, пожалуйста.

D0CT0RS0U https://soundcloud.com/doctor-soul1
Dancefloor burner !

OneSmallDubstepforMan https://soundcloud.com/onesmalldubstepforman
This is dope! keep the hihat rockin and the drums funky

Eric Paul G https://soundcloud.com/modrogomusic
word, get your footwork on like this selection right here, dope love the breaks with that jazz vibe, my thing , nice diggin shanti

DJ ART89 https://soundcloud.com/arthur-hmlz
i love this track man!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ CueBall  https://soundcloud.com/dj_cueball
Great track

Francisco Santana 11 https://soundcloud.com/francisco-santana-9

DjDarkat  https://soundcloud.com/djdarkat
So good! Such a classic jam. thanks for the DL

Dawson Saephanh https://soundcloud.com/dawson-saephanh

djresoul https://soundcloud.com/djresoul

Sunjay Malhotra https://soundcloud.com/slanghomy
I like it!

Dj Zulu Kamarao https://soundcloud.com/djzulukamarao

UNKNown  https://soundcloud.com/dagosefacekilla
hell yea! this exactly what i needed. right on time. 

D0CT0RS0UL https://soundcloud.com/doctor-soul1
One of the best tracks (among hundreds of hundreds) that Buddy has achieved ! Thanks for turning your attention on it !
Ozren https://soundcloud.com/ozren
Happy New Year man ...thanks for all the music... cheers

Break-DJ 2T  https://soundcloud.com/deejay2t
dope bro. thanks for uploading, Happy New Year, homie

moo-noi https://soundcloud.com/moo-noi
More of this man !!!! Such a dope beat

joe klassik  https://soundcloud.com/joe-klassik
nice one, thx 4 sharing dis break man...

Evil Presidentes https://soundcloud.com/evil-presidentes
Quailty tune boy! Cheers for all the downloads!

MatTheUU   https://soundcloud.com/mattheuu
Such a fresh song, straight out the crate ♥

Caroll  https://soundcloud.com/caroll
great stuff !!! 

watson wheres ( D-Man ) https://soundcloud.com/whatsandwheres
cool vibes man, nice track 

ZajGa https://soundcloud.com/zajga
Love it 

DJ Stanley Produções https://soundcloud.com/djstanleyproducoes

shmgtln / 強息 https://soundcloud.com/shmgtln

sireco https://soundcloud.com/sireco
Goods stuff!! 

NJOI (Whatafunk Crew)  https://soundcloud.com/njoi
big thanks kruto!!!

JackinJay  https://soundcloud.com/jackinjay
Great work. Thanks for DL.

DJ ART89  https://soundcloud.com/arthur-hmlz
dope iam gonna get this!!!

(*Ulysses Crew Breaks*) https://soundcloud.com/ulysses-cru
yeh this is funky dude

Oral karess https://soundcloud.com/oral-karess
soul powa, yeah

Elica Le Bon https://soundcloud.com/elicalebon

Free&Legal https://soundcloud.com/freeandlegal
heavy, heavy spanish breaks selection! gracias! 

IconicBusiness  https://soundcloud.com/iconicbusiness
loving the funky vibe this gives off cool tune guys

Paulo Durrantez https://soundcloud.com/paulo-durrantez
Blazing groove!

Late_Knight https://soundcloud.com/late_knight
Beautiful edit. Thanks

The Kleptones https://soundcloud.com/kleptones
Hey, loving some of the obscurities you're putting out

bboybeat https://soundcloud.com/bboybeat
По больше в таком стиле, Шанти.
Paulo Durrantez https://soundcloud.com/paulo-durrantez
How are you so prolific?! Fantastic as usual Shanti!

Z_LT https://soundcloud.com/z_lt
ccrazy break

Edson Nascimento 12  https://soundcloud.com/edson-nascimento-15
Very nice breaks!

Emily D. Doyle https://soundcloud.com/ecdoyle
Savin this

Bit 2 Beat https://soundcloud.com/bit2beat
nice one! 

Nino Zozobra https://soundcloud.com/nino-zozobra

MatTheUU https://soundcloud.com/mattheuu
This edit is beyond excellent <333

Edson Nascimento 12 https://soundcloud.com/edson-nascimento-15
OMG! Very nice version. I cried!

DJ Hellkrull https://soundcloud.com/hellkrull
awesome, thanks

Yeşim Yorukler  https://soundcloud.com/ye-im-yorukler
very nice 

KROKE a.k.a KOLOCOWBOY https://soundcloud.com/felix-santiago-perez-rodriguez

Wistful Origin https://soundcloud.com/stalk-4
ooooooooooh bro it's crazy !

pedro 68 https://soundcloud.com/pedro-68

philipdirven https://soundcloud.com/philipdirven

Lalr! nonamecrew   https://soundcloud.com/lalri
Yes baby..

Schinowatz Bobofkof https://soundcloud.com/schinowatz

Sunday Blend https://soundcloud.com/liam-frisco

Serious1 https://soundcloud.com/serious1

Steve R Rider https://soundcloud.com/stevewolf
F.U.N.K.Y....Nice stuff

jupiter tuning center https://soundcloud.com/jupitertuningcenter

discoskull  https://soundcloud.com/discoskull
Great stuff as always Shanti - THANKS!

break dj Steady Rock https://soundcloud.com/steady-rock-1
the bomb )) 

Z_LT  https://soundcloud.com/z_lt

AlexanderThaGreat https://soundcloud.com/alexanderthagreat
dope flip

Evil Presidentes  https://soundcloud.com/evil-presidentes
Thanks for these great trax !! 

Alex Klebba  https://soundcloud.com/alex-klebba
bboybreaks What a jam and thanks for the download!!

discoskull https://soundcloud.com/discoskull
Helllll yezz - great material! thanks for all the beautiful shares

ABCound  https://soundcloud.com/abcound
awesome playlist :)

mr peanut head https://soundcloud.com/mr-peanut-head

JoUnique/ArcticRockers https://soundcloud.com/jounique
Nice! Russian stuf!

jupiter tuning center  https://soundcloud.com/jupitertuningcenter
wow how long ive been lookin 4 this gem thanx merci bedankt!!!

William Sousa 1 https://soundcloud.com/william-sousa-1

Break-DJ 2T https://soundcloud.com/deejay2t
Thanks for share bro.i'm looking for it

DJ Kelvin.L  https://soundcloud.com/1912386154

soulspoon https://soundcloud.com/soulspoon

Newsha Roar https://soundcloud.com/newsha-roar
Niceness Sick with it!!

Dj Zulu Kamarao  https://soundcloud.com/djzulukamarao
Good Vibrations \o/

DJ Tanner https://soundcloud.com/dj-tanner-1

Bubaking https://soundcloud.com/bubaking
Wicked track!!!

Weaver1  https://soundcloud.com/i_am_weaver1
already caught my attention #smooth

Blue Sean https://soundcloud.com/biuesean

Evil Presidentes  https://soundcloud.com/evil-presidentes
Lovin' all of this dude. Thanks for the loads of downloads!

.+paβlo https://soundcloud.com/pav-los
joe klassik https://soundcloud.com/joe-klassik
yeah smokin track... 

cheshorcat https://soundcloud.com/cheshorcat
funky ass beat:)

Dope Bboy Tracks Official https://soundcloud.com/bboy-breaks-official
dope track, love it 

Dee Jay Park https://soundcloud.com/deejaypark
oh god! epic! Those epic B-Sides :D It's amazing. These tracks sound SOOO modern

The Lexicon https://soundcloud.com/the-lexiocn
great track, thanks for all these killer breaks

Sameer Ali https://soundcloud.com/sameer-ali-6
good stuff 

Oral karess https://soundcloud.com/oral-karess
class,thankyou shanti :) 

RRSoulful  https://soundcloud.com/rrsoulful
Loving this - great work

Sameer Ali https://soundcloud.com/sameer-ali-6
retro-rastic !!! 

JohnnyRock https://soundcloud.com/johnnyrock-4
Love it. 

Jungle52 https://soundcloud.com/jungle52
ill shit 

Enis BBoyJazzySpliff  https://soundcloud.com/bboyjazzysplif93
Flava Kills...

RBFC https://soundcloud.com/red-beard-funk-circus
 i like what you guys did here. 

Serious1 https://soundcloud.com/serious1
A lot of your tracks are dope

Dj Area4  https://soundcloud.com/area4

Dj Zulu Kamarao https://soundcloud.com/djzulukamarao

Apollo Kief   https://soundcloud.com/apollo-kief
this is great

RobotOhm https://soundcloud.com/robotohm
u gots tha funk

Brother mt (TMBBEATS)  https://soundcloud.com/michael-taylor-319
tracks popping bro.. 

Norri Stephen Norris
I drop by your channel most days, but.. it's nice to be able to grab something when I like it and get it easily on my ipod to take about the world with me.. Ah well. Still love what you do, and am very grateful all the same.

Just -A -Kid
I think when u upload its a big respect and promotion

Peace from the USA! Good music!

My name is Naanva, and I just came across your site for bboy breaks. I appreciate what you're doing, and I'd like to share some breaks of mine with you.

Dj Soulrane

II ggoott yyoouuri back homiell =) I'm an very humbled by that fact that you think my work was dope enough to post on your page.

DJ CueBall
Brother found your page by chance i love your work. Keep holding it down will drop you a donation when I have some spare change.

Amazing Stuff thanks

Dj.Arda - Istanbul/Turkey
Thanks .. peace , love

hey man nice musiccc

Neeko Killa
Nice Page Bro Love your Sound

Hi, loving your uploads!

Hey man, I am Philip Dirven from Kitchy 
Sofa Sounds and we want to work with you. We make visual radio Dude, I really have to say that it is amazing how much good tracks you have. It's a crazy goldmine! You are fucking awesome. Maybe not awesome but a hero, you made the world a little better to put to put these tracks online haha! Keep doing Peace!

Hey Sasha, I really love your edits!

thank you for you work. you are the king !!!

Hear In Colors
much love from NYC and Cleveland stateside!!

Bryan Wyllyams
I'm Bryan, From Brazil. I'm Bboy 8 year ago
Good job on the beats. Nice break beats.

Dj El Abstrakto
Hey just passing by to give you props for uploading all of these breaks so unselfishly. I can barely keep up the download with how much you upload. Respect

Dj SteezyJay
Hi there! My name is Jay going by SteezyJay representing USA Full Force Crew/GUDcrew/Fresh Catz. I've deejay'd many jams in Las Vegas, San Francisco, LA & Long Beach. I've spun alongside other deejays such as Skeme Richards,Soulrane, & BZBeats just to name a few. I was looking to see if you guys would be interested in featuring my mixtape did for this year's R16 North American Qualifier. I did deejay that event. I've also spun for jams such as Freestyle Session Las Vegas, Red Bull BC One Cyphers & Vegas Shakedown just to name a few. Hope you enjoy my tunes and hear back from you!

Hear In Colors
no sweat man, we were gonna give you some shouts via twitter but you're probably better -represented in an article I'd love to hear a little about your background. Latvia doesnt really come to mind when you think of breakbeats, so we'd be curious to know how you got into it, some of your favorite artists, and what type of scene there is for this type of thing in Riga.

jesse housego
brv wot saying is your good exsamlp for music brv lot stuff!

Funkybreakz Radio Mike
your sounds are super dope! thx for sharing! keep up that funky groovy stuff!

Dj Titanium
You editing so dope man

djmamedef era

brotheer g000d sounds!! i really like it, im from argentina.. yo seed

Oral karess
hi sasha, i love the soul music (spirit), and the sampling beatbreak, nice work, thank you very much :)

You're killing it with these breaks!!! Thanks for sending so many dope joints to our bboysounds group! We've featured you on Bboysounds before, but I think you should have a channel on RadioBboy.com, would be dope since you're constantly adding music. Great job cultivating the old breaks! Looking forward to being in touch! Thanks, Chief

it makes me s000 happy to hear the songs you have uploaded man! your edits are fresh man. lets keep in contact

Zdenek Polach
Hello, I am big fan of your music from Czech Republic.

True Ninja Green
you are a beast, know not many comments but for real you got tracks for days, Big up for the hard work thanks for the downloads.

Dope Bboy Tracks Official
man, love your site and posts, peace

Steve Collins
So many great tracks, a brilliant set :)

Schinowatz Bobofkof
I'm Schini from Austria - and I wanna say THANK YOU for give us so many dope Breaks!!! I follow you for a while and have downloaded nearly all your tunes!! Ill found a lot new stuff - i have never heard it before - your work is great!!! THX!!!

Have downloaded loads of your stuff over the last few months wicked selections, thank you JAMES M.C

your style is very good, i think you have forget me, if you are killa_b and you know me from 2002 or 2003 year.

The Zuzu Club 
I'm Apostolis from The Zuzu Club
I have noticed that you have done really good work there

BBoy Raw_Man
Thank YOU bro for yours post, you post a very awesome beat !!! I can't wait for more futures mixtapes

Budd Schifrin
I'd just thought I'd let you know what a terrific job you are doing editing/mixing grooves!I'm lovin' the new uploads. My favourite edit of yours is 'Na-Na-Hey-Hey'. I also like your Jesus Christ Superstar edit Anyway, keep it up and keep it funky! My two sons are movin to your grooves too! Cheers, Budd

Jimi Needles
just been checking your soundcloud! SOME DOPE BEATS AND EDITS MAN, my kind of b -boy hip hop! real nice. wil check your site!

Dj Bubaking
Big Up!! Was very Curious to hear your b boy remix of Mark Ronson uptown Funk, the SC Police pulled it before I Had a chance to grab an earful and im sure it was awesome, any chance of a sneak ear peek? Cheers Jason.

Stalky stalk
Thx for all song that your post everydays !! it's fantastic !! Since 2004, i pratctice breakdance, i have your mixes when your name is" Killa-B "this mixtape are amazing !!! peace bro !!! good congratulation !

S.E. Squared
Hi Shanti, Your breaks are brilliant! I'd like to make a donation!

Nice collection & edits

HI Shanti, you have an awesome Musical selection ! Respect, Peace and Music from Paris France, the new city of brotherly love!

Much respect The b -boy break edits are so on point! Please give a shout if you're ever in Seattle I hold residency at a long running hip -hop weekly called 'STOP BITING' where some of the finest breakers in Seattle get down Much respect to you sir. Rock rock on! Peace eeardoctorumz

young nrg productions
HEllo, compliments for your music.

Lair! nonamecrew
upload your music every day, I can barely keep track of everything :)